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Tuesday 15th September 2020

This event will be live streamed and made available on demand

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The entire programme will be live streamed and each participant will receive the full, on demand, video boxset after the event so you can pick up every bit of creative intelligence to share will colleagues and take this essential conversation forward.

How do creative pipelines recover from COVID-19?

Will slow recovery and limited budgets stifle creativity in representation of diversity in advertising?

Can creatives make this crisis open new platforms and channels in the online world for creative work in advertising?

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, many advertising channels and brands were innovating with reflective representation in images and campaigns.

How does the spotlight on equality, awareness of inequality and Black Lives Matter influence commissioning and brand campaigns in future?

The UK hosts the leading creative cluster in creative advertising and reflective representation in advertising encouraged by organisations like Channel 4.

From content creation through to campaign delivery, every single function in the creative process has an impact on how communities see each other and see themselves.

Across the course of the programme our speakers will discuss and debate challenges, successes and setbacks looking to present practical steps to which the entire media industry can commit to promote and champion inclusion.

Supporting Creatives in Advertising

In response to the devastating impact COVID has had on the creative industries in advertising and the extensive freelance and creative companies that have lost work, this is a FREE invitation from Channel 4 and Getty Images to creative and freelance staff to register for this online content, to contribute and help understand how the industry as a whole is responding as we come out of lockdown into a likely austere and frugal future.

How do you fit into and prosper in a more diverse and representative industry?

The event will be live streamed and the content curated into a Reflective Representation in Advertising boxset, for discussion across the industry.

Who Should Attend

  • Agencies
  • Creatives
  • Designers
  • Brand Managers
  • Publishers
  • Press

Expert Speakers

Hear from the key industry figures driving inclusion and diversity in the sector.

Commercial Model & Content Creator
Head of Advertising & Marketing Law
Lewis Silkin LLP
Head of PR & Partnerships
Christopher Kenna - Brand Advance
Christopher Kenna - Brand Advance
CEO & Founder
Brand Advance
Guy Merrill - Getty Images
Guy Merrill - Getty Images
Global Head of Art
Getty Images
Jane Wolfson - Hearst
Jane Wolfson - Hearst
Chief Commercial Officer
Kieran Jay Ransford Johnson - I AM Castings
Kieran Jay Ransford Johnson - I AM Castings
Jay Ransford Johnson
I AM Castings
Lee Manton - Mullen Lowe and Outvertising
Lee Manton - Mullen Lowe and Outvertising
Creative Director and Board Director
Heat + Deloitte Digital
Matt Salmon - Channel 4
Matt Salmon - Channel 4
Interim Director of Sales
Channel 4
Dr Rebecca Swift - Getty Images
Dr Rebecca Swift - Getty Images
Head of Creative Insights
Getty Images
Rich Miles - Diversity Standards Collective
Rich Miles - Diversity Standards Collective
CEO & Founder
Diversity Standards Collective
Samantha Cannons - Channel 4
Samantha Cannons - Channel 4
Research Manager
Channel 4
Head of Awards
Cannes Lions
Will McIntyre - Getty Imahes
Will McIntyre - Getty Imahes
Director of Integrated Marketing
Getty Images

This event is free for creative and freelance staff.

In addition, places are available to purchase at £395 plus VAT.

Creative and freelance staff only – Free place
All other advertising/publishing professionals and interested parties – £395 plus VAT

Book your place now to be part of this event and hear what leading creatives are doing to champion inclusion.

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The challenge

  • Social distancing and lockdown have limited professionals’ access to fast changing creative innovation
  • Live attendance isn’t always possible due to other demands on busy staff
  • Budgets limited for attendance and travel frozen, but the information is still essential briefing
  • And value for money is a priority

Team enrolment gets round all those problems

Your next steps

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Your organisation registers and arranges a single payment for the team enrolment.

With no travel or accommodation and free use and reproduction for one year, this works out at a fraction of the cost of traditional conferences.

Team leaders receive the free link and distribute it to as many of your staff membersas appropriate. It can be 10, 100 or 1000.

Team enrolment gives you and your organisation permission to use the content in staff briefings, recruitment, CPD, training and management debate for 12 months.

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Event Programme



  • Katherine Stewart, Editor, Narrowcast Media Group
  • Will McIntyre, Director of Integrated Marketing, Getty Images
  • Barry Jones, Commercial Marketing & Events Lead, Channel 4


First Panel // Content Creation

Programme Chair
  • Chloë Davies, Head of PR & Partnerships, myGwork
How can brands access representative content and diverse talent? Should brands be bringing this in house?
  • Guy Merrill, Global Head of Art, Getty Images
  • Kieran Jay Ransford Johnson, Director, I AM Castings
  • Rich Miles, CEO & Founder, Diversity Standards Collective
  • Afua Abrafi, Commercial Model and Content Creator, Novelty Eye
  • Laura Johnson, Founder, Zebedee Talent Agency
Panel Discussion




Second Panel // Ad Agencies & Brand Decisions

Programme Chair
  • Chloë Davies, Head of PR & Partnerships, myGwork
Creativity takes courage, does it make business sense to stick to the safe pitch?
  • Lee Manton, Creative Director and Board Director, Outvertising
  • Brinsley Dresden, Head of Advertising & Marketing Law, Lewis Silkin LLP
  • Dr Rebecca Swift, Head of Creative Insights, Getty Images
Panel Discussion


Lunch Break


Introduction to the Afternoon Sessions

Programme Chair
  • Chloë Davies, Head of PR & Partnerships, myGwork


Third Panel // Delivery

Working with broadcasters and platforms to champion diversity. How can we work together to ensure positive progression?
  • Matt Salmon, Interim Director of Sales, Channel 4
  • Christopher Kenna, CEO & Founder, Brand Advance
  • Jane Wolfson, Chief Commercial Officer, Hearst
Panel Discussion




Fourth Panel // Results

Programme Chair
  • Chloë Davies, Head of PR & Partnerships, myGwork
Committing to change means exploring new territory, what’s in it for brands?
  • Sam Cannons, Research Manager, Channel 4
  • Susie Walker, Head of Awards, Cannes Lions
  • Lindsay Wade, Strategist, Heat + Deloitte Digital
Panel Discussion


Closing Keynote Presentation

Programme Chair
  • Chloë Davies, Head of PR & Partnerships, myGwork


Closing Remarks

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